VIII. Future thinking - what's on the horizon that could be a game-changer?  

VIII.2 Drones and robots in volcanology

Maarten de Moor; maartenjdemoor@gmail.com
John Stix; stix@eps.mcgill.ca
Loÿc Vanderkluysen; loyc@drexel.edu
Felix Von-Aulock; F.Von-Aulock@liverpool.ac.uk

Drones and robots are rapidly becoming an integral part of the volcanologist´s toolkit. Remote-controlled, semi-autonomous, or fully autonomous, they assist with a range of activities, including mapping, sampling, and monitoring. Airborne, ground-based, or submarine, they produce data with high spatial and temporal resolution, often in hazardous conditions. This session aims at bringing together volcanologists, drone builders, pilots and programmers, payload designers, and data end-users. The session will include, but not be limited to, the development of new technologies, strategies and ways for data analysis, as well as case studies in geophysics, geochemistry, fieldwork, mapping and monitoring of volcanoes and volcanic hazards. Presentations on community-based projects that make use of drones and robots are also welcome. We invite contributions from those who develop and deploy these tools in emergency management situations, researchers who use the instruments and data for fundamental research, and scientists involved with volcanic hazard monitoring and mitigation. We also invite contributions for novel ideas and applications for future deployments.