General Presentation Guidelines  

Poster Presentations

Poster boards should be in the horizontal format (landscape layout).

Poster boards measure 4 ft by 8 ft physically, so posters can be as large as that (1.2 metres by 2.4 metres).

Poster boards are covered with a Braelock surface that accepts push pins or Velcro attachments. Push pins will be provided.


Oral Presentations

The projector system is going to be set up for 16:9 aspect ratio for oral presentations. The newest versions of powerpoint handle that (and some default to that). If people prepare presentations in the older 4:3 aspect ratio format, they will still work but there will be more 'black border' around them.


Speaker Ready Room

The speaker ready room should be up and running by afternoon on Sunday, August 13 at the Oregon Convention Center (room A103). Speakers giving presentations should go there to load their talks.