V. Evaluating volcanic hazards  

V.7 Volcano geology and geological mapping as tools for unravelling volcanic history and long term hazards assessment

Gianluca Groppelli, CNR Italy, gianluca.groppelli@gmail.com
Christopher Harpel, USGS VDAP; charpel@usgs.gov 
Julie Donnelly-Nolan, USGS, jdnolan@usgs.gov
Federico Lucchi, University of Bologna (Italy), federico.lucchi@unibo.it
Natalia Pardo, Los Andes University (Colombia), n.pardo@uniandes.edu.co

This session, under the aegis of the IAVCEI Commission on Volcano Geology, will be focused on the current methodologies used to depict a geological map in active volcanic areas, and the presentation of field-survey results in these complex and highly dynamic depositional environments. Geological maps and stratigraphy provide essential datasets for robust analyses of physical volcanology and modeling. However, we seek best practices for field-data acquisition and presentation, which would be fundamental to promote objective and user-friendly geological maps. Such objectivity, and looking forward an agreement on mapping techniques, is needed for realistic interpretations of the geological evolution of a volcanic area, and to best support further analyses such as the long term hazard assessment at active volcanoes.