II. Using geophysics and geochemistry to probe magmatism and eruption processes  

II.3 Active Lava Lakes: A Window into the Deep?

Nial Peters, University of Cambridge/University College London; njp39@cam.ac.uk
Matthew Patrick, US Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory; mpatrick@usgs.gov
Einat Lev, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; einatlev@ldeo.columbia.edu

Active lava lakes are the exposed top of a volcano's magmatic plumbing system. As such, they provide a valuable opportunity to observe directly volcanic processes that normally occur underground and out of sight. The complex behavior exhibited by these lakes is undoubtedly caused by a combination of shallow processes occurring within the lake itself, and forcings from deeper processes occurring in the conduit and magma chamber(s) below. Deconvolving these different influences on lava lake behavior is crucial to fully utilize them as a “easy access” laboratories for understanding volcanic behavior more generally.

This session welcomes studies on all aspects of active lava lakes.