This page includes details about registering for the IAVCEI 2017 Scientific Assembly.  Please read the information carefully before clicking on the link at the bottom of the page to go to the registration website.


Step 1: Registration type and personal information

On the first page, you will be asked to choose your registration type:
- IAVCEI member
- non-member
- one-day registration (intended for emergency managers, land-use planners, and K-12 schoolteachers only)
- recent early career (intended for registrants who graduated between January 1 and March 1, 2017, and who cannot register as students)
- field trips / workshops only (use this option to register only for a field trip or workshop and not for the entire meeting).

Once you enter your membership type, you will be taken to a page where you will fill in your personal information.  If you are an IAVCEI member, you will be asked to input your membership number.  Don’t know if you are a member, or don’t know your membership number?  You can find that information at http://iavcei.org under “Membership” > “IAVCEI Members Lists.”

If you are not an IAVCEI member, now is the perfect time to join!  The membership interface is accessible from http://iavcei.org.

If you are a student, you will be asked to enter the name and email address of your advisor or department chair.

On the next page, you will also be asked if you would like to serve as a mentor or mentee at the Sunday evening icebreaker.  Click on “more information” to learn more about this opportunity.

For those registering to attend the entire meeting (registered guests should see the note below), the full registration fee entitles you to attend the icebreaker social on Sunday evening (August 13), all technical presentations at the conference, the student/early career social evening (students/EC only), a mid-conference field trip (lunch included), and the farewell party on Friday evening (August 18). Full-conference registrants (and registered guests) also will receive a pass for Portland’s MAX light rail to facilitate travel between the Oregon Convention Center, downtown Portland, and the headquarters Hilton Hotel. If you register for field trips or workshops only, you will have the option to return to the registration site at a later time to modify your registration to add conference registration.

Please note: After June 16, registration fees will increase by $100. We strongly encourage early registration.


Step 2a: Mid-conference field trip

On Wednesday, August 16, conference attendees will have the option of attending a mid-conference field trip to one of several locations near Portland.  You will be asked to select your field trip preference.  Note that we cannot guarantee you will receive your first choice (spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis).  Field trip options are:

- Mount St. Helens (for this trip you will be asked to rank your preference among three trip options, see below)
- Mount Hood
- Columbia River Gorge
- Columbia River Basalts

Mount St. Helens field trip options:

  • (Option A): Geomorphic response to the 1980 eruption and consequent mitigation strategies, including an easy hike
  • (Option B): Debris-avalanche geology, including a moderate hike
  • (Option C): Debris avalanche impacts and geology, including a strenuous hike

You will also be asked to choose the type of lunch you would prefer on the mid-week trip:
- Sandwich (turkey, ham, or vegetarian)
- Salad (chicken or spinach, which are gluten free options)


Step 2b: Pre/post-meeting field trips and workshops

A variety of pre- and post-meeting field trips and workshops are being offered at additional cost to attendees.  Below the mid-conference field trip information, you will have an option of registering for a field trip or workshop on a first-come, first-served basis.

More information about workshops is available at http://iavcei2017.org/wkshops.html.

More information about field trips is available at http://iavcei2017.org/ftrip.html.


Step 3: Guest Option

Persons attending the conference can register to bring a guest. A guest may attend the icebreaker, mid-week field trip and farewell party only while in the company of the primary registrant.  Professional spouses and partners should not be registered as guests.  If you choose to register a guest (at a cost of $300), you will be asked to enter their email and profile information and will also have the option of booking them on a pre- or post-meeting field trip.


Step 4: Payment

Enter your credit card information to pay for the registration and any workshops, field trips, and guest registration.  You will have the option to print a receipt, and will also receive proof of payment via email.

If you need to pay with two credit cards (for example, an official card for your registration and a personal card for a guest registration), you will have the option of splitting the charge by selecting a lower amount you would like to pay on first card; this is then followed by paying the remaining balance on the second card.

Please note: After June 16, registration fees will increase by $100. We strongly encourage early registration.



If you must cancel your registration for the meeting and/or any workshops or field trips, the following policies will apply.

Registration fee cancellation:
- Before June 16: Complete refund minus a $50 processing fee.
- Between June 16 and July 1: 50% of registration fee will be refunded.
- After July 1: Registration fee is nonrefundable.

Workshop cancellation:
- Before June 1: Complete refund minus a $50 processing fee (no refund if registration fee less than $50).
- After June 1: No refunds.

Pre/Post-meeting field trip cancellation:
- Before June 1: 80% of field trip cost will be refunded.
- After June 1: No refunds unless your space is taken by someone on a waiting list, in which case 80% of field trip cost will be refunded.

Fulfillment policy:
The credit cards are charged immediately upon completion of online registration. A follow up confirmation email will be sent with a link to the registration invoice/receipt. The “product” is the event itself which does not occur until August 14, 2017.

Help/Technical Support
If you have a question about the registration site or experience technical issues, please contact 2017conf@pdx.edu.  


Payment charge will appear as 'PSU GEOLOGY 503-7255453 OR' on credit card statements.

I have read the above information and agree to the REFUND AND CANCELLATION policies. Take me to the registration site!