Pre-Meeting Workshops: August 12 and 13

6. MSNoise Workshop: From Noise to Data

Registration Cost/participant: $230

Workshop conveners/affiliations/emails:
Corentin Caudron, Université Libre de Bruxelles; Royal Observatory of Belgium;
Thomas Lecocq, Royal Observatory of Belgium; thomas.lecocq@seismology.be

Description of workshop:
The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate the powers and limitations of using ambient seismic noise for seismo-volcanological studies using continuous data, for example using ambient seismic noise cross-correlation for computing dv/v, surface wave tomography or microseismic activity tracking. The MSNoise package will be introduced and then used by participants on provided demo data (from Piton de la Founaise volcano). New developments to MSNoise will be presented: an easier configuration interface, an improved pluggability and the demonstration of external plugins currently in development (e.g. Quality Control, Power Spectral Density, TOMO or SARA). In the framework of this conference, we will particularly introduce the Seismic Amplitude Ratio Analysis (SARA) that was specifically designed to track magma migration at volcanoes using seismic data.

Requirements of participants:
Participants are required to bring their laptops prepared using guidelines, which will be posted on msnoise.org.

Participant application process:
First come, first served basis. However, depending on the number of applicants, we may limit the number of persons from the same institution.