Pre-Meeting Workshops: August 12 and 13


5. Melt Inclusions: Methods and Applications

Registration Cost/participant: $195

Workshop conveners/affiliations/emails:
Robert J. Bodnar, Virginia Tech; rjb@vt.edu
Leonid Danyushevsky, University of Tasmania, Australia; l.dan@utas.edu.au

Description of workshop:
Melt inclusions (MI) preserve samples of melts present in the crust and mantle and represent our best source of geochemical information concerning deep-seated magmas. During the last half century a rigorous protocol has been developed to study MI and generate reliable information concerning the pre-eruptive physical and chemical environment in which the MI were formed. The proposed workshop will provide an introduction to MI and their application to understand igneous processes. A major focus of the workshop will be on the various natural and laboratory processes that may compromise melt inclusions and lead to incorrect or misleading interpretations.  The course will be appropriate for both the beginner as well as the experienced researcher.

Requirements of participants:
There are no special requirements for participants.

Participant application process:
Applicants accepted on first come/ first served basis until limit of room is reached.