Pre-Meeting Workshops: August 12 and 13

4. The Magma Chamber Simulator: A Phase Equilibria Modelling Tool for Magma Recharge, Crustal Assimilation and Crystallization (RAFC)

Registration Cost/participant: $210

Workshop conveners/affiliations/emails:
Wendy Bohrson, Central Washington University; Bohrson@geology.cwu.edu
Frank Spera, University of California, Santa Barbara; spera@geol.ucsb.edu
Jussi Heinonen, University of Helsinki; jussi.s.heinonen@helsinki.fi

Description of workshop:
The Magma Chamber Simulator is an energy- and mass-constrained computer code (Bohrson et al. 2014) that simultaneously models recharge/magma mixing, crustal assimilation and crystal fractionation (RAFC). The first day of this workshop will involve participants doing hands-on exercises that will familiarize them with running the Magma Chamber Simulator (input, steps to run code, etc.), and archiving and effectively utilizing output. The second day will involve modelling specific scenarios (e.g., RAFC, AFC, RFC) so participants can develop an understanding of how to effectively model RAFC using their own data.

Requirements of participants:
Familiarity with MELTS (e.g., Ghiorso and Sack, 1995, Asimov and Ghiorso, 1998). A laptop may be required.

Participant application process:
The workshop will be capped at ~25 participants.  We will take participants on a first come/ first served basis.