Pre-Meeting Workshops: August 12 and 13

2. State of the Hazard Map 3

Registration Cost/participant: $170

Workshop conveners/affiliations/emails:
Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland, New Zealand; j.lindsay@auckland.ac.nz
John Ewert, CVO, USGS; USA and VDAP; jwewert@usgs.gov
Eliza Calder, University of Edinburgh, Scotland; eliza.calder@ed.ac.uk
Mary Anne Thompson, University of Auckland, New Zealand; m.thompson@auckland.ac.nz
On behalf of the IAVCEI Commission on Volcanic Hazard and Risk

Description of workshop:
The IAVCEI Commission of Volcanic Hazard and Risk has a working group dedicated to hazard mapping. The hazard mapping working group held its first workshop at COV8 (State of the Hazard Map 1) and second at COV9 (State of the Hazard Map 2). We propose to host a third meeting at the IAVCEI General Assembly in Portland. The workshop will continue the broad aims of the earlier meetings, namely to work towards IAVCEI-endorsed considerations for volcanic hazard map generation.  The workshop will bring together people from around the world working on volcanic hazard maps, and will have four primary aims: 1) to review (and collect further data on) the diverse variety of techniques and rationales currently used to develop maps (of relevance will be that some organizations, e.g. the USGS, GNS Science, New Zealand and CVGHM, Indonesia, are currently reviewing and revising their approach to hazard mapping and we plan to invite keynote speakers from these organizations); 2) to openly discuss approaches and experiences regarding how hazard maps are interpreted and used by different groups; 3) to discuss and modify the draft Considerations document prepared based on State of the Hazard Map 1 and 2; and lastly, 4) Discuss options for finalizing, publishing and disseminating the Considerations (e.g. wiki, report, open-source publication….). In line with previous working group events, a key philosophy of this workshop is that participants will be encouraged to bring their experience to the table for discussion, so that the workshop format will be more about exchange of knowledge rather than instruction about particular techniques. The workshop will take the form of short presentations followed by group discussions, and the two days will be divided up based on the aims outlined above.  

Requirements of participants:
Please bring hazard maps!

Participant application process:
There will be no specific application process. If we receive more than 50 registrants (room capacity) we may give preference to participants who have not previously attended a State of the Hazard Map workshop.