Pre-Meeting Workshops: August 12 and 13

1. Promoting the Use of Satellite Observations at Volcano Observatories

Registration Cost/participant: $50 (workshop partially funded by external organization)

Workshop conveners/affiliations/emails:
Matt Pritchard, Cornell University; Pritchard@cornell.edu
Juliet Biggs, University of Bristol; Juliet.biggs@bristol.ac.uk
Simon Carn, Michigan Technological University; scarn@mtu.edu
Julie Griswold, U.S. Geological Survey/Volcano Disaster Assistance Program; Griswold@usgs.gov
Taryn Lopez, University of Alaska; tmlopez@alaska.edu
Sue Loughlin, British Geological Survey/Global Volcano Model; sclou@bgs.ac.uk
Paul Lundgren, NASA/Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Paul.R.Lundgren@jpl.nasa.gov
Dave Schneider, U.S. Geological Survey, Alaska Volcano Observatory;  djscneider@usgs.gov
Greg Vaughan, U.S. Geological Survey, Astrogeology Science Center; gvaughan@usgs.gov
Christelle Wauthier, Pennsylvania State University; cuw25@psu.edu
Robert Wright, University of Hawaii; wright@higp.hawaii.edu

Description of workshop: To facilitate two-way communication between volcano observatory staff members and the volcano remote sensing community, we address the following questions in a two-day workshop: 1) What satellite data are currently available? 2) What is the value of satellite data for volcano observatories?  3) Could the value be enhanced by using data from multiple satellites? 4) What are the barriers to wider use of these data?  5) What could be done to improve data use?  The first day will focus on presentations by the attendees to address these questions including case studies.  The second day will focus on demonstrations on how to use the data.

Requirements of participants: Participants are encouraged to bring laptops, but they are not required.

Participant application process: If there are more applicants than space available, we will select attendees to ensure that there is a balance among volcano observatory staff members and the remote sensing community.