Post-Meeting Workshop: August 19 to August 24 at Lassen Volcano

1. Statistics in Volcanology: The Hazards of Lassen Volcano

Registration Cost/participant: $200

Workshop conveners/affiliations/emails:
Mark Bebbington, Volcanic Risk Solutions, Massey University; m.bebbington@massey.ac.nz
Chuck Connor, Department of Geology, University of South Florida; cbconnor@usf.edu
Sarah Ogburn, USGS/USAID Volcano Disaster Assistance Program; sogburn@usgs.gov
Patrick Whelley, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; patrick.l.whelley@nasa.gov

Description of workshop/short course:
8/19: Drive to Lassen Volcano
8/20-21: Field work, bonus solar eclipse
8/22-23: Workshop on probabilistic hazard modelling
8/24: Drive to Sacramento, CA airport

This workshop will explore probabilistic modelling and statistical best practices for volcanic hazard assessment. The workshop will begin with fieldwork at Lassen Volcano, California; a complex volcano that has produced a range of hazards from small lava flows to large debris avalanches. Lassen’s array of hazards, varying vent locations, and eruption timing data will serve as a case study for the classroom portion of the workshop. The workshop will explore different volcanic hazard models; fitting, validation, and evaluation of models; and probabilistic best practices for running these models. Participants will gain a better understanding of volcanic hazard models, and their limitations and uncertainties.

Requirements of participants:
Participants will need to:

  • bring hiking gear for the 2-day field portion of the workshop
  • bring laptops for the classroom portion of the workshop
  • bring money for food and drink
  • bring camping gear if you choose to camp
  • bring money for your choice of lodging: a tent site at a group campsite, or a room in a motel or cabin (details to follow; camping will be roughly $25-$50 total; motel or cabin lodging will be roughly $500 total)
  • arrange travel from Sacramento, CA back home on August 24

Note: Workshop costs will cover van transportation from Portland to Lassen, and Lassen to Sacramento, CA. Participants will need to provide money for food and lodging, and arrange return air travel from Sacramento, CA.

Participant application process:
Because of transportation logistics to Lassen, the workshop will be limited to 20 participants. Student participation is encouraged and students will receive preference for registration. Otherwise, registration will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.