Post-Meeting Workshops: August 19

4. Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis Using Computing and Data Workflows on the Vhub Platform – applications to mass flow models

Registration Cost/participant: $85

Workshop conveners/affiliations/emails:
Abani Patra, University at Buffalo; abani@buffalo.edu
Peter Webley, University of Alaska; pwebley@gi.alaska.edu
Marcus Bursik, University at Buffalo; mib@buffalo.edu
E. B. Pitman, University at Buffalo; pitman@buffalo.edu
Greg Valentine, University at Buffalo; gav4@buffalo.edu

Description of workshop/short course:
The use of online simulation tools on the Vhub platform is now well accepted in the volcanological community. While the ability to perform single simulations online is useful, greater value is derived when we can support complete workflows that combine, for instance, an ensemble of simulations in a validation or uncertainty quantification workflow for probabilistic calculations. The Vhub platform supports the use of such workflows using the Pegasus workflow tool. Using the TITAN v 4.0 release (with support for multiple models, multi-core computer architectures and many other advanced features), and some pre-constructed workflows for generation of probabilistic hazard maps, we will illustrate how this new functionality can dramatically improve model usage and analysis time. Time permitting, we will also illustrate a more complex volcanic ash transport analysis workflow.

Workshop will have 3 session of 2 hours each, with presentations interleaving working sessions and breaks.

Requirements of participants:
Familiarity with and accounts on Vhub, and knowledge of the usage of Titan toolset will be advantageous, otherwise some preparatory work is recommended.  A laptop will be required.  We anticipate two classes of users – the vast majority will be interested in making use of standard workflows already built-in. A smaller, second group will also have an interest in the development of workflows for their analysis paths.

Participant application process:
The workshop will be capped at ~25 participants.  We will take participants on a first come/ first served basis.