Post-Meeting Workshops: August 19

1. Harvesting Energy from Volcanoes: Knowing the Science, Hazards and Uncertainties Behind Exploration

Registration Cost/participant: $90

Workshop conveners/affiliations/emails:
Dr Isabelle Chambefort, GNS Science, New Zealand; i.chambefort@gns.cri.nz
Dr Darren Gravley, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; darren@frontiersabroad.com
Dr Ben Kennedy, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; ben.kennedy@canterbury.ac.nz
Dr Shaul Hurwitz, U.S. Geological Survey, USA; shaulh@usgs.gov

Description of workshop:
This workshop offers a complementary learning experience for the proposed technical session ‘Hydrothermal systems: processes, hazards, resources and microbiology’.

Active volcano-hydrothermal systems are characterized by heterogeneous spatial and temporal patterns of temperature, pressure, chemistry, phase (e.g. supercritical, gas, or liquid), and permeability.  Volcanic aqueous and gas-rich fluids can be hazardous (e.g., propellant in steam-driven explosions, lubricant in mudflows, toxic gases and aerosols), a resource (e.g., geothermal energy and mineral deposits), and a potential indicator for deep-seated magmatism and one of the earliest warnings of volcanic unrest. In such an environment, geothermal exploration is challenging and detailed assessment of the geology, geochemistry and geophysics needs to occur ahead of and during drilling.

Requirements of participants:
Participants should bring their own laptop.

Participant application process:
The workshop is restricted to 30 participants.