A Volcanic Transect of the Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest

Post-meeting field trip, August 19-22; max/min participants, 27
This field trip is designed to give participants a broad overview of the diverse volcanic features of the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Almost every kind of important volcanic feature is found in the region. The first day will focus on the Columbia River Basalts and end with an inspection of a large-volume welded ignimbrite of the High Lava Plains near Burns, Oregon. Day 2 will traverse the High Lava Plains, focusing on the products of a Holocene basaltic lava field emplaced in a Hawaiian-style eruption, a tuff ring, and a maar. On Day 3, we will circumnavigate the Crater Lake caldera. The trip will conclude with inspection of obsidian lava, pyroclastic flow deposits, surge deposits, and subplinian fallout at Newberry caldera. The trip is not physically demanding, although there will be walks of close to a kilometer and some scrambling on steep outcrops.

The trip will depart from downtown Portland on Saturday, August 19 and will return to Portland on the evening of Tuesday, August 22 (participants should not book flights out before 8 pm, but individuals can be dropped off at the airport).

Estimated cost:
$500/person. Includes all lodging is in motels and double occupancy. All meals will be provided, although participants will be responsible for one dinner and their own breakfast before the start of the field trip.

Dennis Geist, U.S. National Science Foundation and Colgate University
John Wolff, Washington State University
Karen Harpp, Colgate University