Pre-Meeting Workshops: Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13

1. Promoting the Use of Satellite Observations at Volcano Observatories (Closed)

2. State of the Hazard Map 3 (Closed)

3. Modeling Volcanic Processes Using MELTS (Closed)

4. The Magma Chamber Simulator: A Phase Equilibria Modelling Tool for Magma Recharge, Crustal Assimilation and Crystallization (RAFC) (Closed)

5. Melt Inclusions: Methods and Applications (Cancelled)

6. MSNoise Workshop: From Noise to Data (Closed)

7. Using GPS To Monitor Volcanoes: From Field Data to Modeling (Closed)


Pre-Meeting Workshops: Sunday, August 13

1. Navigating the Publication Process: Best Publishing Practices in Volcanology and the Physical Sciences for Early-Career Scientists (half day) (Closed)

2. Using Small Unmanned Systems in Volcanology (Aka “The Drone Workshop”) (Closed)

3. Statistics in Volcanology: Workshop on Volcanic Record Completeness (Closed)

4. Communicating Science for Impact (NEW!) (Closed)


Post-Meeting Workshops: Saturday, August 19

1. Harvesting Energy from Volcanoes: Knowing the Science, Hazards and Uncertainties Behind Exploration (Cancelled)

2. Best Practices in Tephra Collection, Analysis, and Reporting: Leading Toward Better Tephra Databases (Closed)

3. Numerical Modeling with OpenFOAM for Volcanological Applications (Closed)

4. Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis Using Computing and Data Workflows on the Vhub Platform – applications to mass flow models (Cancelled)


Post-Meeting Workshop: Saturday, August 19 to Thursday, August 24 at Lassen Volcano

1. Statistics in Volcanology: The Hazards of Lassen Volcano (Closed)